The Power of the Brand

Since our topic is Ohio, let’s go ahead and decorate the vicinity with a few Ohio flair. Decorating advice have to be taken from Starbucks, not from the neighborhood snow cone shop. Let’s get a few vivid colors that make the vicinity appearance lively, active, and amusing. Built in bar-kind seating around part of the fringe of the store could be a pleasing touch. Make the tables and chairs a piece extra vast. Whatever tables and chairs Starbucks has, buy those. And even as you’re at it, buy the Starbucks CD collection and play it over constructed-into-the-ceiling audio system. I know it’s only a donut shop, however it’s not illegal to give the place some atmosphere.

Next, permit’s hire a photograph fashion designer to create a Ohio’s Best Donuts brand and color scheme. This is critical due to the fact we are going to use the emblem and shade scheme to genuinely begin to brand our donut keep! Instead of the usage of the general white box to place the donuts in (or even worse, the usual white container with the phrase DONUTS and the deal with stamped on the the front), let’s alternatively get boxes published with the call, emblem, and slogan printed on them. Oh yes — the slogan. How approximately “Not Just The Best Donuts On 3C Highway — The Best Donuts In Ohio.” Don’t you want the no longer-so-diffused dig on the neighboring giant!?

Next up for branding — signature donuts. Because we’re a local save, we’ve masses of flexibility to do whatever we need. For starters, how about a donut that is kind of TWICE as big as ordinary donuts. Add to that pink, white, and blue glaze (or sprinkles) on them in the sample of the Ohio flag? We may want to call it the “Ohio Giant” and promote them by the 1/2 dozen as opposed to the dozen due to the fact they are so freaking huge. Now there’s a donut humans would exit in their manner to buy — and don’t forget.

Now create signature donuts for every of the local high faculties. How approximately a ‘Mighty Comet’ in white and inexperienced… And a orange and black ‘Loveland Tigers donut? They may want to are available “Ohio Giant” length, ordinary length, and minis. People would pass insane to shop for these. School spirit and all that!